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Services & Pricing

External Traditional Window Cleaning

£10 - £11
£14 - £15
£14 - £15
£14 - £15
Glass and window sills cleaned as standard, frames can also be cleaned (typically annually is sufficient). We can also quote to clean front doors, porches, garage doors and cladding.
Prices below are for the front, as seen in the pictures, based on a 4-weekly service. If the back of the house is standard (no conservatory or extension), the rear windows will usually be the same price.

Nearly all customers have a four weekly clean. However, we can offer a less frequent clean, but there is a small increase in the cost due to us having an empty slot in our regular schedule and taking more time to make your windows sparkle!

External Window Cleaning using the Reach & Wash ladder-less system


Interior Cleaning

Reach & Wash (extendable water-fed poles) methods give the best clean possible. Reach & wash uses a very high level of pure water and when pure water flows over a surface, it absorbs all the existing substances on it such as dust and dirt, leaving a smear-free surface.
Glass and window frames cleaned as standard. We can also quote to clean front doors, porches, garage doors and cladding.
Prices as above.

Glass and window sills cleaned as standard, we also clean mirrors, internal glass doors and shower doors (we can remove even the worst limescale!). Our window cleaners carry protecting shoe covers for use if required when cleaning internally. 

We request that sills are cleared of ornaments and other objects in advance of our arrival, and that furniture isn’t blocking access.

Priced per job.


Usually requested annually, conservatory cleaning includes full removal of dirt, moss and other debris to leave your extra room spick and span. 

Upright glass, excluding roof, plus sills: £10 - £12
Glass, sills & all frames: £20 - £24
Roof, including all frames: from £40
Upright glass, excluding roof, plus sills: £10 - £12
Glass, sills, frames & UPVC base: from £30
Roof, including all frames: from £25

Gutter Clearance (or cleaning of external white gutters)


A blocked gutter is often the result of simple obstructions like a bird’s nest or build-up of leaves – we’ve even been known to find tennis balls! – and our service can be less than half the price of a professional roofer. We check water is flowing following clearance. 


We provide very minor repairs such as re-clipping the gutter, and will advise if a roofer is required for more serious damage.

Dirty white gutters can ruin the look of an otherwise pristine house. Why not ask us to clean the outside of your white gutters (soffits & fascia boards) too?

  • Gutters above ground floor level - £4 per metre to clear

  • Gutters above 1st floor level - £5 per metre to clear

  • Gutters above 2nd floor - £8 per metre to clear

  • Peace of mind service - check gutter flowing correctly, clips secure, down pipes aren’t blocked, roof tiles in place - £10 per level, per side of house

Please note: All gutter clearance works carried out without any window cleaning have a minimum overall charge of £20.

Minimum charge when combined with window cleaning service: £10.

All gutter clearing is offered subject to safe accessibility and erection of ladders. For gutters over 25ft please contact us to arrange an appointment for a quote.

Patio & Driveway Cleaning


Get your property looking its best with a professional jet wash service that makes your outdoor areas a pleasure to relax in. Wooden decking becomes covered in moss during the wetter winter months which can be a dangerous slip hazard as well as looking unsightly.


No chemicals, no detergents, just peace of mind and the removal of moss and other debris from your decking, drive, patio, path, garden walls and furniture. We can also quote for the application of our protective sealants which repel dirt and oil for years to come. 

From £2.50 per square metre

Before & after photos

Ideal for tenants, landlords or customers who can't be home when we carry out your cleaning, we offer a before & after photo service from £10.

Commercial Premises

Please find below a small list of the types of commercial jobs we offer - if it is a flat exterior surface, we can usually clean it! If your requirement is not listed, please contact us for a free no obligation quote.


     * Car parks
     * Footpaths   
     * Office surrounding
     * Pubs/ restaurant surroundings
     * School/ nursery premises
     * Shopping centres
     * Vehicle sales forecourts


From £2 per sq metre

Available at weekends: if you have an office car park that needs cleaning and you work Monday to Friday we can offer you a weekend service, so there is no interruption to your business.