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Window Cleaning 

Window cleaning

Ladder-Less Window Cleaning with the Sparkling Reach & Wash System!

Interior cleaning

Interior Cleaning

Experience the Ultimate Clean with Reach & Wash - Unleashing the Power of Extendable Water-Fed Poles!


Say goodbye to grime and hello to gleaming glass and frames with our extendable water-fed poles. Experience the magic of pure water as it effortlessly absorbs dust and dirt, leaving your surfaces smear-free and gleaming.

Not just windows, we've got you covered for front doors, porches, garage doors, and cladding too! Choose between modern Reach & Wash or traditional methods.

Join our satisfied customers with our popular four-weekly clean! If

you prefer less frequent cleaning, we've got a sparkling solution for you too! 

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Our standard cleaning services cover the essential maintenance of glass and window sills. Beyond that, we extend our expertise to include the cleaning of mirrors, internal glass doors, and shower doors, effectively tackling even the most stubborn limescale.

For your convenience, our window cleaners come prepared with protective shoe covers, should they be required during internal cleaning.

To ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning process, we kindly request that you prepare the area in advance. Please clear ornaments and other objects from the sills, and make sure furniture does not obstruct access to the windows and glass surfaces. This way, we can guarantee top-notch results and leave your space looking immaculate.


Introducing our highly sought-after annual service: Conservatory Cleaning! Prepare to witness the transformation of your conservatory like never before. Our expert team will work their magic, leaving no moss or debris behind, ensuring a pristine and spotless conservatory for you to enjoy.

But wait, there's more to choose from! You can opt for the outside cleaning package, where we work diligently to achieve a brilliant shine on your conservatory's glass and sills. Prepare to be amazed as we bring out the true sparkle and radiance of your conservatory, making it a sight to behold!


For the ultimate show-stopping experience we can also  go the extra mile, cleaning all frames, the roof, and any PVC base you may have. It's a grand spectacle, leaving your entire conservatory radiating with a fresh and dazzling allure.

Don't miss out on this popular annual service! Embrace the magic and let us take your conservatory to new heights of splendor and cleanliness!

Please contact us for a free quote.

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